Alicante & its charms – travel journal #12

A few weeks ago I went to Alicante for a long weekend. It was my first time in the Valencian region and I could easily notice lots of differences between this region and Andalusia. There are plenty of distinct characteristics between both regions and of course the language is one of them. Even though I can speak and understand… Continue reading Alicante & its charms – travel journal #12

A rainy day in Sevilla bonita (followed by a sunny afternoon) – travel journal #10

Going to Spain is always a good idea to me. So it doesn't really matter the time of the year that I am going there, even if it is on a rainy season. There, the weather isn't an issue to me at all. Especially in Andalucía, which is a region I have a fondness for since… Continue reading A rainy day in Sevilla bonita (followed by a sunny afternoon) – travel journal #10

Travel journal #1 – Frigiliana (& a peek on Nerja)

The village of Frigiliana is situated on the Costa del Sol, six-kilometres north of Nerja and just over fifty kilometres from Málaga.This is an impressive beautiful white-blue village with some hidden purples. Frigiliana is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Andalusia. All the little cobbled streets are decorated with a bunch of  colourful plant… Continue reading Travel journal #1 – Frigiliana (& a peek on Nerja)