Martha Marcy May Marlene – movie journal #3

Martha is a young woman who seeks to regain her normal life after escaping from a sect and her leader. After being kept for 2 years she looks for the help of her older sister - whom she didn't connect for a long time with. She was unable to reveal the truth about the disappearance.… Continue reading Martha Marcy May Marlene – movie journal #3

Le Petit Nicolas – movie journal #2

Based on a French comic book story released in 1959, this movie came to the movie theaters in 2009. This is a film totally full of hilarious adventures of the little boy Nicolas and his friends -  at home, outside with his parents and at school.  All the adventures seen by the prospects of eight-year-olds… Continue reading Le Petit Nicolas – movie journal #2

Like Crazy – movie journal #1

A future journalist and a future furniture designer. This is about an interesting story and a constant development of love. Anna is an English girl who goes to the United States to study and falls in love with Jacob. Together, they live an intense passion. When things are going very well, a problem with Anna's… Continue reading Like Crazy – movie journal #1