Here are some facts about me:

  • My name is Carmen and I was born and raised in Portugal.
  • I am a Graphic Designer in the early thirties who also loves to write and do a lot of searching just for fun and pleasure – in order to discover life through articles, colours and images all around the planet (meaning magazines; books; or on the web.)
  • I am a cinema & art enthusiast; travel and food lover and I am easily fascinated by screens and photography (including photo editing).
  • I consider the French language full of glamour and mystery with its words as treasures, that’s where the name of this Blog comes from. It takes a look at inspirational people/artists who I refer as Perles (pearls).

⎪Find more about my work in my Bio Site HERE.⎪

  • Most of the pictures which are not personal photos are from Pinterest, IMDB or Tumblr.
  • If you feel aggrieved by the use of some image or if image rights are being violated, please contact me so I can act accordingly and remove these contents.
  • ❖ feel free to contact me: perlesetparoles@gmail.com

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