Lost in Paris – movie journal #27

Among so many trash comedies in the world, thank God: writer-directors Dominique Abel and Fiona Gordon offered us their fourth full-length film together. Even though this is the first time watching a movie of them, I can tell they had the ability to take me away to laugh about the most stupid and simple things.… Continue reading Lost in Paris – movie journal #27

An #inspo Good Girls Revolt – tv journal

Even though there were lots of differences and obviously evolution in the decades of 60s and 70s, everything related to that period usually light up my curiosity. There’s something interesting about those times that inspires me in several ways. On this post I’ll introduce you a TV Series that ran precisely during the transition from… Continue reading An #inspo Good Girls Revolt – tv journal

7 Useful APPS I Often Use To Stay Organized

Being a digital world lover means that nowadays I am that person on your group of friends who knows an app (or plenty of them) you need for a certain thing. Well I’m that geek and I feel I am turning even worse than this - or better, it depends on the perspective. For me… Continue reading 7 Useful APPS I Often Use To Stay Organized

Alicante & its charms – travel journal #12

A few weeks ago I went to Alicante for a long weekend. It was my first time in the Valencian region and I could easily notice lots of differences between this region and Andalusia. There are plenty of distinct characteristics between both regions and of course the language is one of them. Even though I can speak and understand… Continue reading Alicante & its charms – travel journal #12

Minimalism – the art of having less to feel more

It's been a process of the past few years (mostly the last 6 months) since I became a more organised person. It started by the inability I had to think clearly or even to focus on a particular thing if the stuff around me was messy. It could be a disorganised desk; to know that… Continue reading Minimalism – the art of having less to feel more