The colorful life of Yayoi Kusama

If I start wondering about the first time I read and saw something about Yayoi Kusama I wouldn't remember. I only can admit that since the first time my eyes were in contact with her work, I keep engaged in a form of love and inspiration. She is a Japanese artist now with 88 years… Continue reading The colorful life of Yayoi Kusama

Blonde Béatrice et un Coeur de Pirate

Béatrice Martin - known as Coeur de Pirate - is a Canadian singer and composer with a sweet voice, who shows us in her songs the past events about her life, her values as a person and her loves. There is an example below about a bad romance in a française way. The video clip of the song "Adieu" from… Continue reading Blonde Béatrice et un Coeur de Pirate

Cazuza – his time didn’t stop

Cazuza, was a Brazilian man who said wise words. An artist, a life lover, surrounded by love affairs. He was the singer of the rock group "Barão Vermelho".  But unfortunately he had a short and tragic life. The world lost the artist in 1990 when he died with HIV, when the human immunodeficiency virus was a fatality… Continue reading Cazuza – his time didn’t stop

Oh, Mélanie

Mélanie Laurent is not only a pretty Parisian woman with beautiful blue eyes. She is an actress, a singer, a pianist, a screenwriter and also a director. She was born in Paris 21 February 1983. Before all the fame she started her acting career after being discovered by Gerard Depardieu. I fell in love with her… Continue reading Oh, Mélanie

Édith Piaf et La Vie En Rose – movie journal #5

I must confess I was unaware of the dramatic life of Édith Piaf. Of course I knew her deep voice and a little bit more about the singer. And no doubt I admired one song or another. But all the the fascination I have now - and more than never - to this mademoiselle grew… Continue reading Édith Piaf et La Vie En Rose – movie journal #5