Hardy. Françoise Hardy

Françoise is a beautiful Parisian singer and actress known as a fashion inspiration during the 60s. Her   striking photographs remain taking our breath away.  Thanks to the perfect shapes of her face and body, the photographer Jean-Marie Périer helped Hardy becoming a model, and soon became a popular fashion icon. Hardy’s green eyes and her … Continue reading Hardy. Françoise Hardy

A meal is always a good idea | famous people having breakfast

I bet you grew up listening to adults that breakfast is important. We keep reading in bold letters how essential and important is that meal. Sometimes it is almost like a spam or even a cliché. Well I assume it is really important at least for me. But we cannot say it is essential because … Continue reading A meal is always a good idea | famous people having breakfast

Joseph Szabo, stories in B&W

Joseph Szabo is an American photographer and teacher. Among other works he is most notable for his photographs of American youth. He has been photographing his teen-age students. His black and white images have won him worldwide admiration, from famous photographers and also from filmmakers like Cameron Crowe and Sofia Coppola. "Joseph Szabo knows this well: … Continue reading Joseph Szabo, stories in B&W