Hardy. Françoise Hardy

Françoise is a beautiful Parisian singer and actress known as a fashion inspiration during the 60s. Her   striking photographs remain taking our breath away.  Thanks to the perfect shapes of her face and body, the photographer Jean-Marie Périer helped Hardy becoming a model, and soon became a popular fashion icon. Hardy’s green eyes and her… Continue reading Hardy. Françoise Hardy

A meal is always a good idea | famous people having breakfast

I bet you grew up listening to adults that breakfast is important. We keep reading in bold letters how essential and important is that meal. Sometimes it is almost like a spam or even a cliché. Well I assume it is really important at least for me. But we cannot say it is essential because… Continue reading A meal is always a good idea | famous people having breakfast

The impressive colorful world of Bobby Doherty

Bobby Doherty is one of my favorite photographers and a source of inspiration. I think my admiration for his work is based on his tendency to see often the beauty in food and little details. Geez, his creativity is so intense and impressive! Doherty is American born in 1989, in Brewster, New York. After his… Continue reading The impressive colorful world of Bobby Doherty

Joseph Szabo, stories in B&W

Joseph Szabo is an American photographer and teacher. Among other works he is most notable for his photographs of American youth. He has been photographing his teen-age students. His black and white images have won him worldwide admiration, from famous photographers and also from filmmakers like Cameron Crowe and Sofia Coppola. "Joseph Szabo knows this well:… Continue reading Joseph Szabo, stories in B&W

Rebel, rebel, Gainsbourg

Serge Gainsbourg was a great French songwriter of the 60s and 70s. Serge was born in Paris on April 2, 1928, named as Lucien Gainsburg. Famous for his decadent life and for the controversial songs he wrote and sang. His career was full of provocative lyrics. Some of them recorded by himself and then he asked his… Continue reading Rebel, rebel, Gainsbourg