Lost in Paris – movie journal #27

Among so many trash comedies in the world, thank God: writer-directors Dominique Abel and Fiona Gordon offered us their fourth full-length film together. Even though this is the first time watching a movie of them, I can tell they had the ability to take me away to laugh about the most stupid and simple things.… Continue reading Lost in Paris – movie journal #27

Minimalism – the art of having less to feel more

It's been a process of the past few years (mostly the last 6 months) since I became a more organised person. It started by the inability I had to think clearly or even to focus on a particular thing if the stuff around me was messy. It could be a disorganised desk; to know that… Continue reading Minimalism – the art of having less to feel more

Mon amour: Hiroshima, Mon amour – movie journal #25

This is a poem in a form of a movie. It is a beautiful and intense love story of two days that look like a whole life. This movie is about two souls with sweet voices having a conversation in Hiroshima. She’s French and he’s Japanese living a story of memories and forgetfulness as a… Continue reading Mon amour: Hiroshima, Mon amour – movie journal #25

Lady Bird – movie journal #24

The creation of this movie is what I call a fruit of a great alliance – when two of my favorite artists work together: this time is about Saiorse Ronan and Greta Gerwig. It’s been a while since I appreciate the talent of Saoirse Ronan. She was still a kid when she interpreted Briony in… Continue reading Lady Bird – movie journal #24

Spirited Away – movie journal #23

Can’t stop thinking and dreaming about this animated movie, Spirited Away. Actually this was the first time I was truly impressed by an animated movie. This is when this type of movie is an impressive masterpiece. It was like I found a new world full of magic and I have promised to myself - impossible… Continue reading Spirited Away – movie journal #23