1. the action or skill of reading.
    “the reading of a will”
  2. an occasion at which pieces of literature are read to an audience.
    “a poetry reading”
  3. a particular interpretation of a text or situation.

There are some people for those the reading habit is away of being an easy thing to accomplish. For many reasons there are these ones who are taking this as a serious goal. Such is the hard job!

Every New Year, most of the people make a resolution to read more. Am I right? And then the time goes by so fast and there come the excuses…. Oh! I read newspapers, magazines, little books, the Internets. Well, but most of the time the problem is that we don’t always read the best writing. And for those who wish that, they know it can come with some difficult tasks to follow. Along with the willing there is the practice of being away of distractions around them. Here you have some tips:

– as long as turning off a mobile phone can be an impossible mission, you could start by muting it;
– try to put the phone away from you, maybe in another room;
– if you have a mobile phone addiction DO NOT LEAVE IT IN THE KITCHEN or you will eat something every single time you go there;
– if possible and you think it can help, just turn off the internet on your phone;
– avoid distractions as television or loud music (I love to listen to low instrumental music; jazz or any other – no voices included!)
–  chase a quiet corner at your home and let the journey begin!

To others the reading practice is just a deep and beautiful pleasure. The words can be marvellous  wings to fly, to cry, to laugh and to dream. During hard times like these how can we refuse a beautiful trip through words? Plus listening to great songs during our readings.

I suggest Goodreads to update your readings and to be excited with your progress. It can be used both on website and APP – iOS and Android.
Bellow some inspiring pictures of people reading. Come on, reading is sexy AF, isn’t it?

Hope you enjoy. Good readings to everyone! :)

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