I bet you grew up listening to adults that breakfast is important. We keep reading in bold letters how essential and important is that meal. Sometimes it is almost like a spam or even a cliché.
Well I assume it is really important at least for me. But we cannot say it is essential because I know some people who doesn’t consider it the main meal at all and they live well and healthy that way. And I actually can say that nowadays I’d ratter have a great lunch instead of a table full of food too early – even tho I cannot skip breakfast.

It is magical trying to recreate a beautiful table with a bunch of fruit on as well as colourful smoothies or juices; yellow eggs; avocados and vivid red tomatoes are mandatory! Impossible not to dream about breakfasts in those Brazilian telenovelas… jeez!
Curiosity: the actors are actually allowed to eat that food on tables during scenes for real.

In fact I only can eat a simple oat bowl  with fruit or a yoghurt at 7am.
No matter what I cannot eat too much before 9am. No way. However I love food and I love having big beautiful and colourful breakfasts and brunches on lazy long and late mornings. No rushes, some music and good company. Usually it happens every weekend; day-offs or during vacations.

Let’s now take a look of great people having their breakfast or their cup of coffee/tea, just because beautiful images and some inspiration  is always a good idea.

James Dean photographed by Sanford Roth, 1955
Bob Dylan, 1966
Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer
Sophia Loren in New York City, 60’s
Picasso and Jacqueline in 1957
Andy Warhol at Ritz Hotel, in Piccadilly in the 1970s
Brigitte Bardot eating a yoghurt during a movie scene – The Bear and the Doll, 1970
Marlon Brando, 1949
Jim Morrison having beer and breakfast. At the Lucky U restaurant in West Los Angeles in 1967 by Bobby Klein
Kate moss, Paris 1993
Jack Nicholson Eating Watermelon for Breakfast by Willy Rizzo, 1979

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