Bobby Doherty is one of my favorite photographers and a source of inspiration. I think my admiration for his work is based on his tendency to see often the beauty in food and little details. Geez, his creativity is so intense and impressive!

Doherty is American born in 1989, in Brewster, New York. After his studies at the School of Visual Art in New York he decided he would forever shoot vivid images on 35mm film. The colorful and minimalist style in his work has landed him to a number of editorials such as the covers of famous magazines like New York Magazine and Times.

Among different works I specially fell in love with his food photographies. The vivid colours made me feel dizzy in a good way. I couldn’t stop looking for more of his work since the first glance at one of his photography with a bunch off fried eggs – from an editorial for the New York Magazine.

“I want my photos to be fun; I don’t want them to be boring. I hope that every one has a spark of interest.”

in PDN’S 30

Bellow I have created some collections of my favorite work of Bobby Doherty.

Bunch of

The beauty of food

Foam and bubbles


Beauty in simplicity

His recent work is Seabird, a book of photography about moments observed by Doherty between 2014 and 2018. It is a personal project documenting everyday objects and landscapes. You can buy it here.

Some photographies included in Sea Bird project:

The best way to follow his work is visiting his Tumblr page.


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