Sometimes I wonder why I am not posting about all the movies I watch. It would not be impossible, but it would not be fair. It would not be fair to the movies I really like and with those who remain in me after seeing them. Want to review a movie means it has the honor of being published here.

To write about all the movies I see means that the ones I didn’t like would be among all the others I loved. It means I would not be able to highlight the things that truly matter. And this blog is just that – about sharing what is important to me. I have a movie passions Moleskine, one of the best things I have. But it already needs a sister because the empty sheets are becoming rare – and it only contains the movies I love! Although writing about all the films I watch would not be impossible, surely it would be very difficult.

This post is about a very beautiful and emotional film. It made me laugh and thrill me too. Written and directed by the Kurdish Karzan Kader,  this is a dramatic comedy that uses humor to make a reflection about war from the point of view of two children.


Zana and Dana, are two brothers of seven and nine years old, who are living in Iraqi Kurdistan in 1990. Orphans, their parents died in the Gulf war during the regime of Saddam Hussein. The brothers survive on the streets, taking care of one another.

When they were taking a peek at a movie that was playing in a local cinema, they discovered the existence of a character they believed would be the solution to all their problems: Superman.

Desiring to know the strongest and righteous man that they ever heard, they decided to travel to America in their old mule who they called Michael Jackson.

They decided to speak to the hero, so he would help them. And finally punish all the people that were bad for them – firstly Saddam Hussein.

◦ Directed by Karzan Vader

 ◦ Cast:  Zamand TahaSarwar FazilDiya Mariwan

◦ Iraq – Finland – Sweeden , 2012 ◦

◦ Language: Kurdish ◦

Drama | Adventure ◦

◦ 97 min ◦


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