Blonde Béatrice et un Coeur de Pirate

Béatrice Martin – known as Coeur de Pirate – is a Canadian singer and composer with a sweet voice, who shows us in her songs the past events about her life, her values as a person and her loves.


There is an example below about a bad romance in a française way. The video clip of the song “Adieu” from her album “Blonde” is about a betrayed young girl willing to make her ex-boyfriend explode and all the girls in his life as a revenge. The music video was directed by Jérémie Saindon. Oops!

2 responses to “Blonde Béatrice et un Coeur de Pirate”

  1. Ritinha says:

    Por acaso gosto imenso, vi pela primeira vez num canal de música e fiquei apaixonada, e digo por acaso porque infelizmente tenho um trauma inexplicável com música francesa! :x


  2. Bookworm says:

    Adoro! Adoro! Adoro! Gosto imenso de Comme des infantes, é simplesmente fantástica. Tão doce…


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