In the 1960s in a small island off the coast of New England, Sam and Suzy feel displaced from the people they live with. After meeting in a theatrical play where Suzy acts the two teens begin to exchange letters regularly. Letters of love and plans to escape to live a great love they nourish to each other.


One day they finally decide to leave everything behind and run away together. What they did not expect was that Suzy’s parents (Bill Murray and Frances McDormand), Captain Sharp (Bruce Willis) and Chief Scout Ward (Edward Norton) are doing their best to find them again.


This movie is full of symmetries, details and colours in a way of Wes Anderson. Absolutelly marvellous.


◦ Directed by Wes Anderson

 ◦ Cast: Bruce Willis – Edward Norton – Bill Murray – Frances McDormand –  Tilda Swinton – Jason Schwartzman – Bob Balaban 

◦ USA, 2012 ◦

◦ Adventure | Comedy | Drama ◦

◦ 94 min ◦

Nos anos 60, numa pequena ilha localizada na costa da Nova Inglaterra, Sam e Suzy sentem-se deslocados das pessoas com que convivem.

Após se conhecerem numa peça teatral na qual Suzy actua, os dois adolescentes passam a trocar cartas regularmente. Cartas de amor e grandes planos de fuga para um grande amor entre pequenos. Um dia, resolvem deixar tudo para trás e fugir juntos.

O que não esperavam era que os pais de Suzy (Bill Murray e Frances McDormand), o capitão Sharp (Bruce Willis) e o escoteiro-chefe Ward (Edward Norton) fizessem todo o possível para reencontrá-los. As simetrias, a genialidade e as cores de Wes Anderson. Maravilhoso.

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