A future journalist and a future furniture designer. This is about an interesting story and a constant development of love. Anna is an English girl who goes to the United States to study and falls in love with Jacob.


Together, they live an intense passion. When things are going very well, a problem with Anna’s VISA will test their feelings. They will have to face a risky relationship at a distance.

Between love and pain, Samantha appears, a colleague who gets involved with Jacob and enters a triangle that can not exist.


This is a movie with small details that can transform a relationship, but not the feelings. The distance; the time zone; the new jobs. Boundaries imposed by life. Sometimes jealousy is what will take over a story where emotional chaos appears.


◦ Directed by Drake Doremus ◦

Cast: Anton Yelchin – Felicity Jones – Jennifer Lawrence

United States, 2011
Romance, Drama

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